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Sierra FC’s 3 years of existence was a success -Ibrahim Conteh

According to the scribe the goal and rationale for the Sierra FC said is that the future of every country lies in the youth population. In addition, investing in youth entails solid foundation for our future leaders by maximizing their potentials.
Sierra Football Club has come to realize that through building partnership with private firms including other stakeholders by giving young people a chance of making it in life through soccer (football).
The founders and promoters of the football club in Sierra Leone equally believe that young people (youth) are rough items that if well-polished as diamonds, shall shine for the whole of humanity.
The goal and rationale of the project is to offer an opportunity for maximum development of talents through training and nurturing from grassroots, amateur and on to senior categories.
Some of the objectives is to establish a Football Academy in Sierra Leone for sustainable football development
And to identify football talents male and female youth from under 10 – 18 categories nationwide, giving them the chance of making a career even away from the club.
To engage youth (Under U10 – 18) categories in physical and moral education with a view to reducing crime rate, drug abuse and other criminal activities.
To collaborate/partner with Local and International (Football) institutions for advertisings sporting brands in Sierra Leone and beyond, and to encourage female football talents under 12 – 14 for National and International assignment. To build friendship ties with stakeholders as well as sports-oriented entities world over and participating in activities that promote friendship tolerance and fight against all form of discrimination. To mobilize young football talents in Sierra Leone.

Sierra Football Club

The Chief Executive Officer of Sierra FC Ibrahim Conteh has said the three years of the Club was a success after overcoming most of the challenges.
He said the Club was established in 2018. However, before that there were several meetings held towards the development of the football club.
The club is an Affiliate Member with the Western Area Football Association (WAFA), with Board of Directors and a management team to run the affairs of the Sierra Football Club – Sierra Leone.
Sierra Football Club is committed to teamwork and sustainable partnership with international and local donors, and other development institutions sharing the same ideas or vision.
He said the mission of the club is to identify and register soccer talents under the ages of 10 – 18 years for national and international exposure in order to improve their life situation.
He revealed the vision of the club which is for “Every Child and Youth to Have Something to Achieve in Life” through football.


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